IBM Watson健康云CTO、IEEE Fellow雷晖博士学术讲座通知

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IBM Watson健康云CTOIEEE Fellow雷晖博士学术讲座通知


应bet360靠谱吗学院邀请,IBM Watson健康云CTOIEEE Fellow雷晖博士将赴我院举办学术报告,欢迎广大师生踊跃参加。

题目:What Makes Computing Smart?




Researchers and practitioners have been pursuing smartcomputing for decades. The initial focus was on smart appliances and gadgets enabled by instrumentingand connecting everyday objects. Then came smart environments such as smartoffices and smart homes that were interwoven with sensors, actuators, andcomputational elements and that were personalized and adaptive. More recently,the advent of technologies like mobile crowdsensing and the Internet of Thingshas resulted in smart systems at the societal scale, including many smart cityapplications. In spite of the tremendous growth in scale, smart computing systems havestayed at more or less the same level of smartness so far. The smartness has mostly stemmed from the capabilitiesof detecting dynamic user context and responding to that context autonomously. Going forward, an important direction is to enable asignificantly heightened level of smartness in computing systems, by leveragingdevelopments in big data and cognitive computing. Applications that integratebig data across the board and are cognizant promise to be more insightful andoffer augmented intelligence to humans. In this talk, I will discuss theimplications of big data and cognitive technologies on smart computing. I willdraw upon our experience at IBM Watson Health, and discuss how big data andcognitive computing can come together to enable innovative health solutionsthat address many clinical, societal, and economic issues. I will present usecases, highlight the challenges, describe our approaches, and relate to clientexperiences.


Dr.Hui Lei is Chief Technology Officer of IBM Watson Health Cloud, an IBMDistinguished Engineer, and an IBM Master Inventor. Previously he was SeniorManager, Cloud Platform Technologies at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center,and led IBM’s worldwide research strategies in cloud infrastructure servicesand cloud managed services. His technical interests include mobile andpervasive computing, cloud computing, big data, and enterprise computing. Histechnical vision and creative contributions have impacted many commercialsoftware products and services, and have resulted in over 70 patents. He is aFellow of the IEEE, Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on CloudComputing, and a past Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee onBusiness Informatics and Systems. He has taken part in many internationalconferences as a steering committee chair, general chair, technical programchair, or keynote speaker. He was recognized with an IEEE Computer SocietyTechnical Achievement Award in 2017 and an IEEE Computer Society DistinguishedService Award in 2014. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University.